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Fabulous hair days are what us ladies dream of but did you know the way you treat your natural hair the night before determines what type of hair day you will actually get the next day?

You see a good hair day doesn’t happen by magic. It takes a bit of prep and intention to get those curls popping in the morning.

I am going to share this simple 15 minute routine you can try for yourself tonight and hopefully add it to your healthy hair regimen.

These are all the things you shouldn’t skip out on when you prep your natural hair for bed tonight if you want to enjoy beautiful hair in the morning.

Water & Hydration

You have to get in the habit of moisturizing the hair and using water regularly. Every healthy hair enthusiast should keep a fine mist spray bottle visible on the bathroom counter.

Number 1, you don’t want to experience the pops and tangles of manipulating dry hair. Ouch!

Overtime, this isn’t good and can show signs of visible breakage over the course of a few weeks.

The water will make your hair more flexible to style with minimum tangles and knots.

A light mist of water not only hydrates the hair but it also reactivates the holding agent of your wash day styler.

The gel, mousse or curl cream remains on the hair until it’s shampooed away.

So there’s no need to add another layer of product to your hair since this will only make your hair gunky feeling and dry.

If you must add more product, use a little bit of the same leave in conditioner you used on your wash day to prevent unnecessary flaking.

This week, I am using the Lanza healing curls, which does a great job at hydrating my hair and adding a nice slip I can get the the comb though.

Elongate & Style

For this step, bantu knots will get the job done well. Bantu knots stretches the hair while creating soft fluffy curls you can enjoy the next day.

It’s just a simple style, you cannot go wrong with.

Since rest is just as important, be sure to wrap those bantu knots loosely so there isn’t any tight uncomfortable feeling.

Start by twisting the hair, then wrap that twist around itself until you get to the ends.

I promise, the looser knots won’t make a difference in the morning results.

Hair Bonnet

Wearing a quality satin bonnet is an absolute MUST DO even if you skip the other steps.

We don’t blame you girl. Get that beauty sleep in.

To be completely transparent, a lot of times this is my only bedtime prep and it works out just fine.

I find that using the Humble Glow satin bonnet significantly reduces moisture loss and friction against the pillow which results frizz fee juicy looking curls in the morning.

It’s that simple.

Give this bed-time routine a try and enjoy more fabulous hair days.

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