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An important part of taking care of your natural hair is wearing a satin bonnet to bed EVERYNIGHT! A good satin bonnet promotes natural hair growth.

Sleeping on cotton pillowcases with your natural hair uncovered causes extreme moisture loss which leads to dryness.

The material of cotton naturallly absorbs moisture so it’s the absolute opposite of what we want happening to our natural hair.

Cotton is also more abrasive on the hair cuticle in comparison to satin material which leads to split ends, knots and breakage.

I know the pain because I used to wake up to be greeted with little broken pieces of hair on my cotton pillow case every morning along with dry matted hair.

Cotton is NOT our hair friend at all!!

Since then, I have accumulated more hair care knowlege and I cannot even sleep without my satin bonnet on at night.

Wearing a satin bonnet is the big reason why my natural hair grows and retains length faster than before.

It feels so good to protect all of my hard work at the end of the day.

Choosing The Best Satin Bonnet

Please note that all bonnets are NOT created equally!

In fact, there are many bonnets that can damage the hair and cause more destruction.

After going natural, the cheaper bonnets I was using since I had relaxed hair started to snag and break my hair every morning.

I would hear crackles and pops every time I removed my bonnet. NOT good!

After that, I made a huge mistake of buying a satin bonnet that was so tight and uncomfortable. I literally could not sleep at all.

I actually had to cut the elastic and ruin the bonnet to make it bearable. Whew Chile.

Then, I bought another bonnet that ripped out my edges in only TWO weeks of use due to it having a skinny adjustable string around the hairline.

The Journey to the perfect bonnet has been a STRUGGLE!!!!

That’s why I created my very own Elite Satin bonnet that solves all those problems! Check it out here https://www.humbleglow.com

Humble Glow Elite Satin bonnet with floral print

Best bonnet qualites

  • Flexible Material– It is everything! A good quality material should feel smooth and silky to the touch. Rub it in between the thumb and index fingers and it should glide effortlessly without friction. Stay away from satin that feels stiff and doesnt flow smoothly. Any friction signifies, it will snag the hair.
  • Gentle Hairline Protection– you shouldn’t have to sacrifice good hair for balding edges! The quality of the edge area should match the rest of the bonnet with quality silky feeling satin material. Any elastic bands, cotton or strings built in the edge area will also damage the edges. Seamless stiching around the edges are important too
  • Adjustable Fit- everyone has a different head size. Choose a bonnet that can be adjusted easily so it doesnt fall off but it also doesn’t interfere with getting a good night’s sleep!
  • Double lined– two layers of satin locks in more moisture at night. This feature will be sure your hair isn’t dehydrated in the morning. It will preserve your hairstyle longer too.

Now you can feel good knowing you are making the right choice for your natural hair at night.

Visit Humble Glow for the perfect bonnet https://www.humbleglow.com/collections/all

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