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It’s been over two years into my natural hair journey and I’m ready to kick it up a notch for 2021!

Instead of focusing primarily on my goals for the year, I will be doing things a bit differently.

I’m excited to share exactly how I plan on growing my 4c natural hair in 2021

I looked over my hair growth strategy from 2020 and tweaked it to include a few new things I will add to my hair care regimen to see how this change affects my natural hair.

As we know, it usually takes new stategies at different hair lengths to see a difference.

The steps that got your hair from TWA to shoulder length may not be suitable to get to Bra step length and beyond!!

Here are a few new strategies I will use to reach my goal of bra strap length.

Stick To Staple Hair Care Brands

So, I would admit that I was all over the place last year when it came to hair products.

Being a new natural meant that I was going googly eyes over every brand only to experience a hit or miss when it came to my hair journey.

When you begin your healthy hair journey, it’s totally normal to try out every product on the market!

This has helped me discover what truly works for my hair and now I can ignore the rest.

The less products you introduce to your hair care regimen, the less failed attempts of wash day you will experience.

The right products nourishes and moisturizes the hair well everytime it is used!

This leads to more successful wash days and less chances of breakage due to the products doing a good enough job.

Sticking to what works is definitely my motto for 2021.

Increased Protein Treatments

I didn’t realize how much more moisture I was using in comparison to protein on hair.

I don’t use enough protein on my hair and my ends are starting to show it since they’re much thinner in comparison to the length of hair.

Moisture is great but balance is key for healthy growing hair!

This year, I will schedule in a protein treatment at least once every other month since my hair is fairly healthy and doesn’t require as much protein.

Wash Hair In Sections

I find that washing my hair loose and free causes too much manipulation since I have to section my hair during every step of my wash day.

I accidently tried the method of washing in sections after leaving my hair in twists the entire week and it is just what I was missing from my regimen.

I’ve heard other naturals rave about this but couldn’t understand why until I experienced it.

Washing the hair in controlled sections keeps the hair from becoming tangled up and my hair also feels alot smoother.

I no longer have to worry about parting my hair while deep conditioning and then again while styling.

It’s a keeper for me so I will see how much of an impact it will have on my hair.

Less Loose Styles, More Twists & Braids

I won’t lie, I’ve been more of a loose and free natural, meaning I love a good twist out look on my hair.

However, this style usually means I have to restyle and manipulate my hair midweek.

Once humidity hits my hair for a couple of days, my hair returns to an afro and here comes the knots and tangles.

It was all good on my TWA but since my hair has grown, I need a new approach to my hair.

Instead, look out for beautiful flat twists, braids and updos all 2021.

Style Hair Once A Week

So, this goes hand in hand with my prevoius plan to wear more protective styles!

I will be cutting out the whole midweek restyle step I had going on in 2020.

Less manipulation leads to less breakage.

But Tyiece, What Are Your Hair Goals?

  • Maintain the thickness off my natural hair
  • Grow my hair to bra strap length
  • Maintain the health of my hair

Cheers to awesome hair in 2021 and beyond!

Check out my ultimate hair growth guide ebook to help you achieve your goals as well.

Happy Hair Growing Girlfriends!! Let’s crush it together!

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