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Hi there, my lovely internet friend. I’m pinching myself to reality to know this is really happening! I’m finally a blogger and this is my very first blog.


You may wonder. My name is Tyiece, I am in my late 20s and I am Jamaican-Bahamian descent. I live in Miami and I love all things natural hair care, self care amd personal development .

When I’m not creating content on the internet, I am bettering myself through personal development practices and studies.

I have been sharing my journey on my youtube channel for a few years now, but having a written blog has been a dream of mines for almost a decade and I’m happy I decided to begin at last.

To be honest, my delay was a result of trying to figure out a “perfect niche” and the “perfect name” but I got tired of holding myself back just for vanity metrics when I know this is what I wanted to do.

So my plan is to figure this blogging thing out as I go. I will be incorporating interests I’m most passionate about and those I feel will have the most impact on you.


Over the years, I have been obsessed with hair care and self care as a whole, both inner and outer.

I want women to learn the true art of loving themselves, developing incredible confidence and raising their vibrations through relaxing self care routines and practices.

I find joy in sharing my healthy hair care on youtube, but my hair journey has always been deeper than just attaining beautiful hair.

My hair routines always feels so therapeutic and calming. It’s a form of meditation.

My hair love affair has helped with my healing from childhood abuse that wrecked my confidence.

Anytime, I’m feeling down and I decide to do my hair, I feel so much better and light.

I realized that it was the act of taking care of myself that made me feel better.

So my wash days and other self care routines has become sacred to me and has grown beyond just looking good on the outside but rather feeling good on the inside and developing a deeper love for myself.

Being too structured won’t be my priority starting out because this is a self care blog created to help you evolve and share authentic parts of my journey.

I will go as far as my inspiration takes me without losing sight of my ultimate mission.

Expect to tag along my 4c natural hair journey, personal development journey and fun bits of the Miami lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog and hear me out. I hope to be of value to you.

Loving Vibrations, Tyiece

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