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Happy New Year! We’re bettering ourselves so now is the perfect time to level up your natural hair journey in 2022. Having long beautiful natural hair is such a luxury that every black woman should be able enjoy.

I know you probably have the whole healthy hair regimen set in place such as deep conditioning, regular trims and etc. Girl, I get it.

So, this year, I want you to take the logics out of being on a healthy hair journey and actually go within for a change.

If you can just adopt these new habits, you will see length retention happen on autopilot without much thought.

Beautiful Hair Mindset

A healthy hair habit that’s barely talked about in the natural hair space is the mindset around our hair. Get into the habit of speaking positively about your hair.

I know, I know. It’s not easy if you have been mostly pessimistic about your hair for as long as you can remember.

A great way to ease yourself into harnessing a positive relationship with your hair is be having gratitude for what your hair does.

“I am so grateful my hair keeps my head warm”

“I am so grateful for the color of hair”

“My hair really frames my face well”

Soft gratitude around the functions of your hair will help you form a positive relationship with it until you can genuinely get to the place of loving your hair for just being hair.

Challenge yourself to not say or think anything negative about your hair for a day. Then you can expand from there. You got this!

The Wash Day Experience

It’s time to leave behind the “dread” of wash day. We’re not 5 anymore.

We are grown ladies that should look forward to cleaning our bodies and maintaining proper hygiene.

Taking care of yourself and washing your natural hair should be a luxurious experience. It’s time to light your candles, turn on the jazz and fall in love with the soothing rain of water on our heads.

Make it an experience.

Treat your hair to appealing products that you actually enjoy smelling, using and that actually work for your hair.

Forget about forcing an unappealing product on yourself just because your favorite hair guru was able to see butt length by using it.

Results aren’t dependent on a specific product but on the dedication of the user.

A woman who loves keeping her hair clean is a luxurious vibe. Get into it girl.

Ditch the Comparisons

You would be surprised how many ladies compare their hair journey to others. Please don’t do this.

It’s ok to acknowledge and celebrate other’s milestone in their hair journey but don’t compare their path to yours.

Constantly comparing can really put you in a negative space with your hair and kill all efforts. Your journey will not look the same as someone else’s journey.

Learn to accept that.

You will achieve your length/health goals in the time and way that is perfect for you.

Remember, it’s a journey not race.

Your healthy hair journey goal should be to have better hair than YOU did yesterday.

Focus on your path and know your natural hair journey in 2022 will eventually lead to great results.

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