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A life of wellness is a life well lived.

The internet is buzzing the term “lucky girl syndrome” and we all know of such women who seem to have a golden touch to life which leaves us to wonder why not me?

The lucky girl syndrome is a fancy name for an aligned woman. It’s all mental and we all have access to becoming her at anytime when we use these morning wellness secrets.

The morning hours are the sacred time when you’re most connected to spirit after shifting from theta brain waves to beta waves upon waking up.

So it is important how you spend the morning and what you’re consuming. This is literally where you’re writing the program of your life.

The mood you set for the day puts you on the frequency of attracting life circumstances that matches it.

So if you feel frustrated, most likely, you will manifest more things and outcomes that causes more frustration. It’s really that simple.

An effective morning routine caters to the mind, body and spirit for the optimal balance.

The lucky girl makes an effort to eliminate stress and maintain a calm demeanor. This way she aligns mostly with favorable outcomes throughout the day.

Hence, she’s considered lucky by others.

What NOT to do in the morning.

Eliminate these habits for the first hour of the morning:

  • Do not check social media
  • Do not watch the news, radio or gossip content
  • Do not have negative conversations
  • Do not complain

Gratitude Journaling

A grateful heart is a magnet to meaningful manifestations, luck and abundance.

Being grateful for what you have keeps your frequency fine tuned to receive more things to be grateful for, making you appear very lucky.

Invest in a beautiful blank journal just for your practice.

My gratitude practice consists of past, present and future manifestations all written in the present tense.

I have found that writing it out makes it even more powerful.

I start my sentences with “Thank you for _” or “I am so grateful for_”. While writing, I FEEL good and happy during the process.

Choose to be grateful for the things that you actually love versus trying to force it with things you don’t actually like.

Keep it very simple.

Maybe, you love the comfort of your bed or that chocolate cake you ate yesterday. Just make sure it feels good to you.

Meditation & Breathwork

It’s so amazing to know that I have been meditating consistently for 10 years now. I read the book 8 minute meditation, completed the course and been at it since.

I recently unlocked Kundalini energy when my head and body makes involuntary movement in a circles.

This is the state of total non resistance where all energy circuits are open to receive the natural abundance of energy flow in the universe.

The practice of meditation is very ancient and has so many mental and spiritual benefits.

It helps with clarity and help to release any negative emotion or tension within the body and mind.

How To Meditate

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Sit in a relaxed upright chair
  • Place your hands on your lay (palms up or down)
  • Inhale deeply for 4 seconds
  • Hold the breath in for 8 seconds
  • Exhale slowly for 8 seconds
  • Then repeat 3 times
  • Now relax and pay attention to the rise and fall of the chest until the time is up

Read A Positive Book

We are what we consume first thing in the morning. Instead of reaching for the phone and running the risk of seeing something negative, reach for a spiritual book.

Right now, I’m back into my Abraham Hicks mode, so I’m reading Ask and it is given for the millionth time haha.

Beginning the day with powerful spiritual wisdom makes a huge difference to how you handle life situations throughout the day.

It programs you to think positive and use your imagination to envision the good happening.

Everyone is different so choose a book or audio that resonates with you and infuses you with that morning boost of positivity.

Here are a few I recommend (non religious)


Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t stop moving? It’s no wonder kids are so tuned into a higher frequency.

So I keep my workouts at a frequency of 3 times a week.

On my off days, I focus on intentional stretching by doing various yoga poses.

Find a workout you love to do even if it’s just dancing around in your living room or 30 minute walk outside.

It’s important that it doesn’t feel like a chore to keep your mood high.

Movement releases heavy thoughts as the body lightens up to allow more energy flow.

It also increases your confidence which is important for having a lucky girl self image.

Hot/Cold Therapy

I visited the Eden Roc wellness center last summer and took my first plunge pool dip. Let me tell you that it is true, you really do get addicted to the dopamine rush that happens.

I do my hot cold therapy at least 3x a week at my gym after working out.

I incorporate the combination of the sauna, steam room and ending with 3 minutes of pure cold shower.

Afterwards, there is this euphoric feeling I get where I’m highly alert and feel so powerful like I can conquer the world.

That’s the feeling of luck that creates favorable outcomes.

You can also do this at home by taking a shower with hot water then ending it with a 3 minute cold blast.

Hope you try these morning wellness secrets and get your lucky girl syndrome on.

Don’t forget to come back in 30 days of commitment to tell me the about your amazing results.

May luck be on your side when you use these morning wellness secrets.

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