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Girl, I know a good head pat feels so good but this shouldn’t be your daily dilemma either. If it is, then these scalp care tips will save you.

A healthy scalp shouldn’t be bothersome.

Taking care of your scalp the right way ensures that your follicles are healthy and functioning at it’s best and your sebum production levels are balanced.

This not only leads to a healthy hair growth rate but it also helps to lessen the chance of experiencing scalp issues such as dandruff and constant flakiness.

Shampoo Your Scalp At The Right Frequency

Alot of times, your scalp is really just filthy and needs a good cleansing.

How often are you shampooing your hair? What are you using to shampoo your hair?

Both of these matters.

The goal is to keep your scalp clean but not squeaky clean.

If your scalp is overly cleaned from the use of shampoos containing strong detergents or daily washing, then you will most likely throw off the scalp’s microbiome.

The microbiome is a colony of both good and bad bacteria. Washing away too much of the good bacteria can cause bad bacteria to take over and do more harm.

When this happens, it causes scalp conditions such as dandruff, Psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Over washing your scalp may even cause you to develop an overly oily scalp for those already struggling with oily skin.

While also increasing dryness of the scalp for those with dry skin types.

Same as, if you are not cleaning your scalp often enough and allowing dead skin and product residue to pile up, then you will experience an itchy flaky scalp.

They right frequency is key.

So what should you do?

Use a sulfate free shampoo weekly/bi-weekly to clean the scalp.

This type of shampoo will make sure all your natural oils isn’t stripped away while gently removing dirt.

Since, gentle shampoos aren’t the best at washing everything away, be sure to add a detox into your hair regimen at least once every 4-6 weeks.

A detox can be in the form of a clay mask or a clarifying shampoo.

Also on days when you don’t wash your hair, wear a Humble Glow Bath Bonnet while taking a shower to keep your hair dry.

Do Not Scratch Your Scalp!

By all mean, please use your finger pads instead of the finger nails when washing you hair.

Finger nails can be harsh and cause micro tears on the scalp that leave it prone to outside bacteria.

Exfoliate Those Dead Skin Cells

A build-up of dead skin can happen anywhere on your body including your scalp!

This usually leads to excessive flakiness on the scalp.

You can exfoliate using your favorite sea scalp scrub.

A good scrub removes the build up of dead skin to reveal the fresh new skin while allowing the follicles to breath.

Try adding one into your hair regimen at least once a month.

Ditch The Grease

We’ve grown so accustomed to using grease on our scalp but it isn’t the best for promoting a healthy scalp.

Hair grease usually contains petroleum and mineral oil.

These oils are known to clog the pores due to their large molecular structure which causes an inability to penetrate.

There also isn’t any nutritional value in petroleum to promote a healthy scalp.

If your scalp need extra lubrication, then opt for natural herbal oils with a high fatty content.

Essential oils are best for a healthy scalp since they contain antiseptic properties that can keep the scalp free of excessive dirt.

Include tea tree oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil into your carrier oil before applying it to the scalp.

Increase Your Omega 3s

The scalp’s ability to produce a good quality of sebum to keep it healthy is determined by the amount of omega 3 contained in the body.

There are specific foods that can provide this such as fatty fish and nuts.

You can also take fish oil capsules instead.

Scalp care doesn’t have to be complicated, just remember to keep it simple and clean.

Scalp Care 101 Video

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