Afro Hair & Self Care

It’s time for the daily task of hygiene upkeep, basically shower time but here comes the dreaded case of frizzy hair right?

Shower caps are most often recommended to women but what exactly are the beauty secrets of shower caps for natural hair and why do we need them.

Moisture Retention

Many women aren’t shampooing their hair daily. Why? Beacause we have been more educated on the amazing benefits of moisture retention.

Spacing out shampooing with a few days in between gives the hair cuticles time to rest from excessive lifting.

When over done, this excessive lifting can cause fatigue and lead to overly porous hair that allows moisture to seep out faster.

The results overtime are usually frizzy dry hair that breaks easily and lack shine. No girl wants that right?

Long Lasting Hairstyles

Do you really want to throw away yesterday’s effort by having to style your hair all over again.

You can enjoy your beautiful hairstyle for days at a time without worry.

Not having to go through the complete process of styling daily cuts back on over manipulation and stress from the constant tugging, brushing and combing.

Something which puts the hair strands at high risk for damage as well

A Healthier Scalp

We tend to forget about the health of our scalp and how beneficial it is to have a healthy microbiome.

An overly clean scalp stripped of our natural oils allows the risk of the good bacteria being overruled by bad bacteria.

A healthy balance of both prevents inflammation from scalp conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis.

Best Shower Cap To Use

So what are the best shower caps for natural hair?

I have been using my Humble Glow Bath Bonnets in replacement of cheap throw-away plastic caps and it has been a dream investment for the past 2 years.

Here are some of the reasons these Bath Bonnets are a hit:

  • Machine Washable (Eco-friendly)
  • Reusable
  • Chic Modern design
  • Pretty Patterns
  • Made of waterproof peach skin velvet skin
  • Available in two sizes (standard and jumbo)

If you haven’t found your dream beauty cap to wear during those steamy showers, then I highly recommend this one. You can check them out here.

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