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Every fall I look forward to indulging in all things pumpkin treats including in my body care routine. It’s just something about smelling like a bundle of sweet baked goods that feels cozy inside and brings great joy. I want to share the perfect body care products for fall weather so you can get your golden glow on girl.

Self-care should feel luxurious, so setting the mood with Bath And Body Works pumpkin snicker doodle candle has been a vibe. This one really lights me and makes me think of a freshly baked pumpkin cake. Like, why do I tease myself like this knowing how much of a sweet tooth I have.

It’s just something about candles that matches the fall season.


The colder months can really dry out the skin so making sure to use cream based body washes is key to maintaining that glow. They tend to be more moisturizing in comparison to clear textured washes.

The Body Shop vanilla pumpkin shower cream really delivers on moisture. I’m not going to lie. I was a bit worried about the sulfates in there being too stripping for my dry skin but the cleanse is really really far from it.

It gives a subtle lather while providing a great balance of cleanse and moisture to the skin

Oh my goodness, the extra creamy texture and scent is amazing too. Smells just as described.


Ok, so after cleansing, I find that exfoliating the skin provides a smooth surface. It’s fall time so moisture body scrubs are the way to go.

What are moisture scrubs? It’s basically a scrub that doesn’t lather or contain surfactants. It’s best to use them after cleansing since it actually helps with moisturizing the skin.

After watching countless shower toks, I discovered the amazing Soap and Glory great maple scent scrub which exfoliates my skin with thick chunks of sea salt.

That is so different since many body scrubs uses sugar as the physical exfoliant.

This body scrub is super moisturizing while giving a strong exfoliation. Talk about feeling like a new born baby girl. Yes.

And the delicious maple scent compliments the pumpkin scents so well.

Lotion Me Up

Please don’t be one of those people that leaves the shower without following up with moisture! Honestly, I cannot function with dry tight skin.

Get festive and slather on some Hempz pumpkin Chai lotion.

I kept seeing this brand in all the cute shower toks as well and I finally caved in and tried it. So this lotion has a “bare skin” finish if that’s your thing. The scent is extremely loud and lingers forever. PERFECTION!!

Get ready to smell like your favorite fall Starbucks drink all day.

I don’t know about you but I love to feel a little greasy so this lotion definitely needs an oil or butter on top!

So following up with some pumpkin pecan pie body butter was the icing on the skin. It just locks that lotion in to the max while leaving a glistening glow all day.

Yes to the perfect fall time body care routine for hydrated glowing skin that smells edible. Yummy.

And of course, I couldn’t forget to show you the visuals to this amazing body care products pumpkin self-care routine. Cozy up with your favorite hot drink while you enjoy!!

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