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It’s a new year and I’m wide open to new ways to boost my wash day to a new level. That’s why swapping out my old shower head for a higher quality Speakman Neo Exhilaration Fixed Showerhead definitely hit the spot.

Washing my natural hair is my most time consuming self care routine so making the upgrade to create a spa like vibe from the comfort of my home made perfect sense to me.

My Speakman Experience

At first glance, the Speakman Neo Exhilaration Fixed Showerhead really excited me with all of the amazing options it promised.

  • 344 water streams
  • 4 distinct spray settings- satin, massage, rain, reaction
  • Less waste of hot water

Having natural afro hair means wash days can add an extra 30 minutes in the shower. So I was excited to upgrade the experience and make it resemble a relaxing day at the spa.

The install was super quick and easy and took me about 2 minutes. The only tool I used was a wrench. I started by wrapping the white tape provided around the pipe, then I screwed the shower head on manually, then tightened it with a wrench so there are no leaks.

Immediately, when I turned on the water, I was amazed by the quality of the different streams and how easy it is to flick between each one`.

I instantly fell in love with the light mist of the satin stream. It’s very light, airy and almost resembles being in a steam room.

It gently taps against my head with enough pressure to get all the shampoo and conditioner out without putting too much strain on my hair.

Switching between each stream setting is very accessible by the turn of a the knob.

The Review

So I’ve been using the Speakman Neo Exhilaration Fixed Showerhead for about a month now and I would say, it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Honestly, it is a much more premium experience than any shower head I have used my entire life.

The biggest contrast I noticed is how much longer the water stayed warm especially on my wash days.

After the combination of washing my hair and taking a shower, which estimates to be around 45 minutes, there is still lots of hot water left over.

Having this upgraded experience makes me look forward to wash days even more now.

This is definitely a 5/5 star experience I would recommend.

Visit local select Lowes stores or shop here.

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